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Race Report.
Saturday March 26th 2005.

Saturday March 26th 2005 dawned to give those involved with the Aran-Pace a cool misty morning. A light wind from the north east carried a chill which would maybe keep the runners cool, cold enough to steam up the glass for those who ran wearing spectacles! The Arans seemed to have changed little during the previous year. It was uncanny how the presence of a thick heavy mist hung on the peak, hiding the highest summit from the vision from those below in the village of Llanuwchllyn. It had been just this type of weather in 2004 on occasion of the first run. This day also the mist hung heavy on the summit. It was gone eleven before those involved with the race started to appear on the little towns main street. As the hours passed, many more arrived. The previous 2004 entry of 62 runners was exceeded by mid-day and the total climbed onwards to the grand total 98 final entries. At start time the runners were called together for a briefing by the organisers - Graham Stringer and the Bro Dtsynni Athletic Club. Radio contact was checked with those already on the mountain. The Marshal's were in place and the course was clear. Again this year the highly effective Raynet Radio Network were present with their excellent communications systems established. The all clear was given and the Mrs Margaret Thomas of 'Organic Aran Lamb' stepped into the starters position, complete with a container of compressed 'cold' air! On the instructions of Graham Stringer, Margaret shocked herself as she pressed the 'little red button'! - A loud 'honk' made her jump! - They were off. This year two important competitors were racing. Reg Keys and his son Richard were competing. Richard had taken leave from the army to run alongside his father. He should be congratulated for his care and consideration, he stayed close by his father up and down the Aran. For a Fell Racing beginner, Reg Keys ran a solid and constant race, arriving at the finishing line well within the total time limit we had expected of him. Reg had never run a Fell Race before - This was also a demanding task on a man who had never tackled a mountain before. Yes he finished 96 out of 98 runners and we can honestly say - "Well done Reg". The day for Reg was also very much in the 'spotlight'. As a prospective parliamentary candidate for the Segefield Constituency of Tony Blair fame. Suffering the cold wind with a constant awareness was Television Journalist. Sarah Thackery from BBC Television Midland Region. Preparing the story of this 'Midlands' man. The changes for the organisers came this year in the help of the marshals, this year there was a whole bundle of help from the local Llanuwchllyn team. Led by Aranli Thomas, the highest control points were expertly mastered by Rifan, Tom, Nedw, Garwth and Simbad. The organisers wish to thanks them for their help and effort. It was after 4pm when everybody withdrew to the co-sponsors The Eagles Inn. Here with the potential of selected beer's to refresh the thirst, the results were calculated and the prize-winning took place. Reg Keys once again presented the 'Tom Keys Memorial Trophy' - This time to Tim Higginbottom with a time of 'One hour thirty one minutes and tirty two seconds! - Congratulations Tim. Now you must win it again next year! Everybody enjoyed their run, again the maountain and its topography made more fans. Everybody liked the style and shape of the run. Those who had run on an empty stomach set about the 'Organic Aran-Lamb-Burgers' again! - One runner being known to finish off three of them in quick succession! Everybody had a great day out, the new start area and the access to the village hall proved to be very useful. The organisers would like to thank the Llanuwchllyn Hall Committee for the facility. Also again a big thankyou to the farmers who allowed use of their mountain pasture and the green fields towards the new finish. Thanks to all those who added to the success on the day - It was even better than 2004. Just think, it may be only about 302 days to the next 'Organic Aran-Lamb ~ Aran Fell Race' of 2006. See you then.

Animated Presentation.
A truly *Great* Race Record.

The *183* Photo Album
The 'Tom Keys' Memorial

The Animation Photographic Sequence of the RACE.
Mastered by Ray Hall - Amser Photography.
TEL: 01978 759603 E-Mail: ray_halluk@btopenworld.com.
Sponsored by *Organic Aran-Lamb* and the 'Eagles Inn' Llanuwchllyn.

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The Picture Album.

The Assembly Point 11:30am.
The Assembly Point Later.
The Briefing Start's. 12:45pm
The Briefing Concludes.
Everybody Ready to Start.
Mrs Thomas lets off some noisy pressure of wind! - 
They are off!
In the thick of it! 12+ Miles & 3+K feet up and down - to go
The last few.
Goodby - See you soon!
The Winner Approaches.
Congratulations Tim - Up and Down in 1Hour 32min 31sec.
The Second place - Congratulations.
Well Done Both! 1st & 2nd Shake on 31seconds!
In third place - 1½ minutes behind winner!
1st - 2nd - 3rd Compare pain?.
Congratulations all round!
Left to right - 
2nd James Mcqueen - 1st Tim Higinbottom - 3rd Dylan Jones - 
All members of Eryri Club.
The First of the Ladies home.
Another Eryri member of the clean sweep -
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 12th 15th.
Melanie Price - Ludlow Runners.
Ruth Metcalf - Eryri Club geys some unwanted encourgaement?

3 Hours 8 minutes and 20 seconds - Congratulations to Reg Keys and his son Richard. A truly excellent and imprssive display of determination, measured effort and tenacity. No need to stay in training Reg - "They told me that Tony Blair was on the top with a pint of lager!" - Not a reason for the delay - Is there a lager bar on the top of the Arans - We think we should be told. Wonderful effort Reg. Best of luck from us all in Segefield on May 5th. Could it be that the Right Honourable Reg Keys will be giving the prize's next year?

The Keys to the Future.
Tom Keys Memorial Trophy Presentation - 
Mr and Mrs Maldwyn Thomas, Sponsors with Mr Reg Keys.
Presentation Time.
The Organic Aran-Lamb Stand.
Mr Maldwyn Thomas of 'Organic Aran-Lamb' at presentation..

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